Yohannes Seffefe Amsale

I‘m a Developer UI/UX Designer
proffesional from Ethiopia

Hi, nice to see you!

How can i Help you

I strive to make simple,
elegant and functional
products. When you
combine good design
thinking with functional
code, magic happens.

I have nearly 10 year of experience in complex and yet simple products that are used by various big industry leaders. I have an education in computer science and always been fascinated by technology and how things actually work. This is why I develop products with the latest technologies.

You can hire me to design and build your product. I can help you with planning, Ux, UI and development.

UI/UX desgin


Graphic design

Some of the projects i have worked

Hamelmil Game

Redat Healthcare

BKG Group

Xpereience Ethiopia

Senq Restaurant

Company Profile

Yehager bet Injera

Thanks for

Yohannes Seffefe Amsale